Rimini, Diego Barrio, 19, found dead in Miami: world of football in shock

An early death shakes the Romanian football world from a distance. Diego Barrio was only 19 years old, but was found lifeless in his Miami apartment on Tuesday night in circumstances that have yet to be clarified.. For several days, relatives and friends could not contact the young Argentine, of Chilean origin, so they called the local police.

the death

Arriving at the apartment building that housed the boy, the agents did not receive an answer, broke the door of the house, and found the player’s now dead body on the sofa. The causes of death are still unknown and can only be clarified through an autopsy that will be performed in the next few hours. It seems that no signs attributable to domestic quarrels or accidents have been found, and the first, most reliable hypotheses speak of a possible illness, but at the moment local authorities do not exclude any possibility. Meanwhile, the tragic news crossed the ocean to reach Cattolica, which until a few weeks ago was the home of Barrio.Midfielder who started the season with the Romanian club shirt. Coming from the Chilean nursery at Universidad Catolica, the footballer never found a space in the Cattolica first team in Serie D, contenting himself with a few appearances in the junior national team.

Condolences on social media

He then returned to his parents’ home in Chile in January, but President Massimo Nicastro, the Italian-American sponsor of Romagna, then suggested returning to the game in a Miami Beach shirt, another club he owns. Barrio arrived only last week in Florida to start training, and on Sunday attended a game with Nicastro who has not heard anything about the young athlete since. Cattolica wanted to pay homage with affection to the boy who everyone remembers as a great football fan, sending his condolences to a few lines on Facebook: Hey Diego, now the angels will teach you how to make rapona. Even if you didn’t find much space in our teams, you have always been an example of smiling, positive and respectful behaviour. Rest in peace. Please feel my condolences to your family.

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